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Our Mission

Our mission is to get all usable clothing and textiles into the hands of people who need them and to eliminate clothing from the solid waste stream. We have worked in the recycling industry our entire lives and when we learned the statistics about the quickly growing problem of textiles filling up landfills, we knew it was a segment we needed to focus on

Our Specialization

Primarily, we specialize in working with non-profit organizations who are overwhelmed with clothing donations, paying them for the clothing they cannot resell or distribute. In this way, they are able to manage their inventory and raise funds for their causes at the same time. By partnering with these non-profit organizations, we hope to make a dent in the amount of textiles going into our landfills daily. Instead of becoming waste, these textiles are providing clothing to people in need around the world, creating jobs, reducing waste and helping non-profits raise needed funds.

Our Goal

We also place small collection bins in convenient locations so that we can do our part to keep as much of the used textiles as possible out of landfills. We always donate a portion of the proceeds from these small bins to our charitable partners.

Even though businesses like ours are vital to combating the onslaught of textiles in landfills, we know people are used to donating their clothes to charities and we like to make sure your use of our bins benefits all.

Together, we can make a difference!